Road traffic accidents 2019

Road traffic accidents 2019


Road traffic accidents involving personal injury known to the police in Finland and reported to Statistics Finland, which have co-ordinate data. The data cover the following information: vvonn= year of the accident kkonn= month of the accident kello= time of the accident vakav= seriousness of the accident: 1=accident resulting in death 2= accident resulting in injury onntyyppi= type of accident: 0=Same direction of travel (going straight) 1=Same direction of travel (turning) 2=Opposite direction of travel (going straight) 3=Opposite direction of travel (turning) 4=Intersecting direction of travel (going straight) 5=Intersecting direction of travel (turning) 6=Pedestrian accident (on pedestrian crossing) 7=Pedestrian accident (elsewhere) 8=Running off the road 9=Other accident lkmhapa= number of passenger cars and vans in the accident lkmlaka= number of buses and lorries in the accident lkmjk= number of pedestrians in the accident lkmpp= number of cyclists in the accident lkmmo= number of mopeds in the accident lkmmp= number of motor cycles in the accident lkmmuukulk= number of other vehicles in the accident x= x coordinate of the accident y= y coordinate of the accident Additional information: [Statistics Finland, Road traffic accidents]( The data format has been changed to Shape at CSC. Coordinate Reference System: ETRS89 / ETRS-TM35FIN (EPSG:3067)
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