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Projects information iconConceptualising and promoting student agency in university studies (StudyAgent)Academy of FinlandPäivikki Jääskelä, University of Jyväskylä2023Projects information iconAI software based Material design for sustainable AI hardware (AI4AI)Academy of FinlandSayani Majumdar, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd2023Projects information iconBiomaterial-based photonics and optoelectronics for sustainable ICT systemsAcademy of FinlandNonappa Nonappa, Tampere University2023Projects information iconMEMS-metasurface Based Tunable Optical Vortex Lasers for smart free-space communicationAcademy of FinlandHumeyra Caglayan, Tampere University2023Projects information iconSustainable Organics and metal oxide ICT via biodegradable, high-performance flexible Low-voltage electronicsAcademy of FinlandJaakko Leppäniemi, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd2023Projects information iconRandom geometry in statistical mechanics, number theory, and combinatoricsAcademy of FinlandChristian Webb, University of Helsinki2023Projects information iconAtt förstå och utveckla grammatisk kompetens inom språkbad: tre studier och en handbok för lärareSvenska kulturfondenUniversity of Helsinki2023Projects information iconMachine learning algorithms for energy efficient and QoS aware communications in heterogeneous 6G mmWave/sub-THz networksAcademy of FinlandEvgeny Andreevich Kucheryavy, Tampere University2023Projects information iconEnTiTy: Understanding Engagement in interaction Through language, emotions, personality, and TechnologySociety of Swedish Literature in FinlandUniversity of Helsinki2023Projects information iconFuture Methods for Identifying Interacting Genes using Dynamic Gene Network InferenceAcademy of FinlandMikko Sillanpää, University of Oulu2023