Terms of use for the Researcher’s Profile Tool  

Published 24 November 2022

Use of the tool requires acceptance of these terms and conditions and agreement to complying with them. Therefore, it is advisable that you carefully read through them. 

The Ministry of Education and Culture reserves the right to amend these terms. The Ministry of Education and Culture shall notify users well before the amendments take effect in a manner that is appropriate to the circumstances, such as in service user bulletins, in cases where substantial changes have been made to these terms.

1. The Researcher’s Profile Tool is intended for all researchers and experts in Finnish research organisations

The Researcher’s Profile Tool on Research.fi is intended for especially all researchers and experts in Finnish research organisations  

The tool can be used by anyone with Suomi.fi and ORCID identification to create their own profile.

Users log in to the tool in Suomi.fi and links their ORCID identifier with their profile. In the tool, the user consents to the retrieval of information from the ORCID service into their profile. In addition, you can add data from your home organisation's data, transferred to the Finnish Research Information Hub, or from the data already published in Research.fi to your profile. 

The profile may contain the following information: 

  • Name and researcher identifiers 
  • Contact information 
  • Research description, fields of science and keywords 
  • Affiliations 
  • Education
  • Publications, research data, research projects
  • Other research activities 

Profile is only published with the user's consent and will not be handed over without the user's consent.

2. Information transferred to the Tool must be lawful 

You must ensure that only your own information is stored in your profile. The data shall not contain any sensitive data belonging to a special category of personal data or compliant with data protection regulations in force.   

Prohibited content includes content that violates equality and equal treatment, is otherwise in violation of the law or good practices as well as inaccurate or misleading content. 

You are responsible for ensuring that the content contained in your profile does not violate the law or good practices, or these terms. 

3. User information and its deletion 

You hereby grant the Ministry of Education and Culture the right to process information that you have stored, for the purposes of providing the service, such as automatic monitoring, detection of security vulnerabilities, detection and prevention of intrusion, making backups, copying or transferring content, and error tracking. 

Use of the tool requires identification in Suomi.fi and ORCID. In connection with identification, information about the user is stored in the service and stored in the service for an indefinite period of time or until the user deletes their profile. Further information on the processing of personal data can be found in the service Privacy Policy

The Ministry of Education and Culture reserves the right to retain the contents and personal data necessary to safeguard the rights of third parties, for example, to serve as proof of copyright infringements. 

The Ministry of Education and Culture reserves the right to publish statistical data on users in such a way that individual users cannot be identified. This general information covers the number of users, for example, by organisation and fields of science. 

The Ministry of Education and Culture may, at its discretion, close or suspend the use of a user ID without notification in the following cases: 

  • unauthorised use of the service; 
  • if the Ministry of Education and Culture has reasonable grounds to suspect that the services are being used in violation of these terms.

4. Deleting data 

The Ministry of Education and Culture reserves the right to delete content that it considers to be in violation of these terms.  

The user may choose to delete their profile and associated data at any time.  

Deleted data associated with the user cannot be restored after the username has been removed from the service. Deletion does not apply to public information, such as publication information, found in the Research.fi service. 

5. Service level description and limitation of liability 

In maintenance of the service, the aim is to ensure that it is available continuously and reliably. In case of a fault, a service request is processed within 1-3 working days. 

The Ministry of Education and Culture does not guarantee that the service will operate flawlessly and without interruption. The best practices and safety measures in the field are observed in the maintenance of the Research.fi service and the Tool. 

The Ministry of Education and Culture reserves the right to change, transfer or terminate each functionality at any time.

6. If anything goes wrong 

We are happy to receive user feedback on these terms and other matters related to our services at tiedejatutkimus@csc.fi