An EMG-assisted Muscle-Force Driven Finite Element Analysis Pipeline to Investigate Joint- and Tissue-Level Mechanical Responses in Functional Activities: Towards a Rapid Assessment Toolbox


In this paper, we developed and verified a semi-automated atlas-based EMG-assisted musculoskeletal finite element modeling workflow with a focus on feasibility for a rapid and user-friendly tool. The files uploaded here contain the template FE model (i.e., Abaqus input file) of the study.
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Griffith Centre of Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering and Griffith University

David Lloyd - Contributor

David Saxby - Contributor

Helsinki University Hospital and University of Helsinki

Jari Arokoski - Contributor

Kuopio University Hospital

Juha-Sampo Suomalainen - Contributor

Mika Mononen - Contributor

Paavo Vartiainen - Contributor

Pasi Karjalainen - Contributor

Petri Tanska - Contributor

Rami Korhonen - Contributor

Amir Esrafilian - Creator, Publisher

University of Eastern Finland and University of Copenhagen

Lauri Stenroth - Contributor


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Other natural sciences; Medical engineering; Health care science


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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


electromyography, finite element analysis, daily activities, Knee osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal modeling, rapid multiscale modeling

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