Finnish Memories of Life-changing Teachers 2020

Finnish Memories of Life-changing Teachers 2020


This dataset consists of 32 texts written by people who have meaningful memories of life-changing teachers. In the invitation to write, the participants were asked to describe the characteristics of the teacher that had changed their life as well as the actions of the teacher that had been especially significant and influential for them. The participants were also asked to describe more specifically how the teacher had affected their life. The texts contain stories from different levels of education, ranging from primary to upper secondary education. Background information included the participant's gender, age group, and highest level of education, as well as when (on which level of education) and where (the municipality where the school was located, categorised) the participants had met the life-changing teacher. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD. The dataset is only available in Finnish.
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Tampere University

Kuula, Meri - Creator

Yhteiskuntatieteellinen tietoarkisto - Publisher

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Compulsory and pre-school education, Esi- ja peruskoulu, Higher and further education, opetus, teachers, teaching, Toisen ja korkea-asteen koulutus, elämänkaari, kasvatus, life cycle, opettaja-oppilassuhde, opettajat, teacher-student relationship, ammatillinen koulutus, Vocational education and training, muistot, opettajuus, henkinen kasvu