Total Costs of Open Access and Publication to Finnish Institutions


This dataset contains data related to the total costs of open access and publication to Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences, and research institutes, gathered as part of the wider monitoring of open science and research in Finland. Currently, the dataset covers subscriptions, transformative agreements, article and book processing charges (APCs and BPCs), printed materials, costs related to the implementation and management of OA, institutions’ own scholarly OA publishing, costs of OA infrastructure, costs of Green OA, and fees paid to Finnish scholarly journals. In time, additional data may be included. There are three categories of data: - Survey data collected by The Coordination of Open Science and Research (OScaR) in Finland through the wider monitoring of open science and research in Finland; - FinELib data obtained from the service unit of the FinELib Consortium; - OpenAPC data relating to Finnish institutions. Survey manuals, detailing the approach used when collecting the data, are also available. The results, including interactive charts, are published on a dedicated website at For more information and background, please visit the website of the Coordination of Open Science and Research in Finland:
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CSC – IT Center for Science - Contributor, Creator


Heidi Lietzen - Curator

Timo Vilén Orcid -palvelun logo - Publisher, Contributor, Creator

Anna Siltanen - Contributor, Creator


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libraries, avoin tiede, Academic libraries, open access, scholarly journals, scholarly publishing, self-archiving, costs, universities, APC, article processing charges, avoimuuden kustannukset, book processing charges, BPC, cost monitoring, cost transparency, FinELib, FinElib Consortium, Finnish journals, Green OA, julkaisemisen kokonaiskustannukset, kokonaiskustannukset, management of OA, monitoring of open science and research, OA, printed materials, repositories, research institutes, RI, staff time, subscription fees, subscriptions, survey data, total cost of scholarly publication, total costs of open access, total costs of publication, tracking costs, transformative agreements, transparency, universities of applied sciences, utgifter för vetenskaplig publicering, utgifter för öppen tillgång, Utgifter för öppen tillgång och vetenskaplig publicering, öppen tillgång

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acquisition cost, administrative agreements, consortia, institutional repositories, personnel costs, publications, publishing fee, small publishers

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