European Research Infrastructure for Biomedical Imaging (Euro-BioImaging)

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European Research Infrastructure for Biomedical Imaging (Euro-BioImaging)


EuBI (Suomi)

Infrastructure description

EuBI is a pan-European biological and medical imaging technology research infrastructure. It is tasked with coordinating the use of biomedical imaging in Europe, with the aim of maintaining Europe's leading position and competitiveness within the global research environment. EuBI's imaging facilities will provide a full selection of high-end imaging technology, training and continuous technology development based on open access. The strong imaging networks of Biocenter Finland and the Finnish Bioimaging Network (FiBI) form the basis of Finland EuBI. EuBI-Finland is divided INTO infra.three technology sectors: modern high-end microscope technologies, multimodal imaging technologies and medical imaging technologies. Advanced Light Microscopy Node (ALM Node) will be the first Finnish EuBI Node and it will start its Interim operation in 2016. Finnish node will offer all its services as full three-dimensional (3D) packages that cover also the production of quantitative analysis and processing results. These are aspects not widely covered by other EuBI nodes in other countries.

Start of activity


Responsible organisation

University of Turku


kuvantaminen, imaging

Research infrastructure services

Cell Imaging Core

Turku PET Centre

Turku Centre for Disease Modelling

Laboratory of Electon Microscopy (EM)



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On the Academy of Finland roadmap


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Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node