What is the National Research Information Hub?

National Research Information Hub stores, sorts and shares information from the field of research conducted in Finland – and at the same time, it makes the storing, sorting and sharing of information easier. The project was launched in 2017 and everything should be ready by 2020.

The Hub keeps information about researchers, research organizations, research data and others relevant matters that go from preparing a research till letting the public know about your research safe and sound. From one access point, you can find all information that was previously stored in disintegrated systems, and what’s more, the information can be enriched to more informative entities.

National Research Information Hub will decrease the administrative workload for all parties since information entered into one system will be automatically translated to other systems as well.

You can see how the Research Information Hub can be used here.

Prezi Hub - background EN(2)


Read more about the National Research Information Hub from here.

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. is establishing the National Research Information Hub at the behest of the Ministry of Education and Culture Finland.