Monitoring of open science and research

General information

The objective of the monitoring of open science and research is to support the development of open science and research in organisations, support and verify the achievement of the objectives agreed in the Declaration and policies for open science and research, and form an overall view of the state of openness in Finnish science and research.

The monitoring will use as much available, comparable data collected in the National Research Information Hub as possible. The monitoring also involves collecting data using a survey. The role of the survey as a source of monitoring data will decrease as more data accumulate in the National Research Information Hub. Initially, the survey plays a key role.

The first year of monitoring is 2022. The results of the monitoring are published in and the survey results are stored for public open access. Monitoring will be carried out during the monitoring years as follows:

1.A survey is carried out in May.

2.Data from the portal is retrieved in June (previous year’s data).

3.The results of the monitoring, including the monitoring profiles and levels, will be published in October.

4.The National Steering Group for Open Science and Research will decide on possible changes to the indicators.

5.The indicators for the next monitoring cycle will be published in December, 18 months before the monitoring cycle is carried out. However, the monitoring indicators for 2024 will, exceptionally, be confirmed in spring 2023.

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The monitoring examines the development of open science and research practices in the organisation from the perspective of different areas (publishing, data and infrastructure, education and culture for open scholarship) and ways of promoting them (policy documents, services, outputs and cooperation). In this way, it will be possible to examine the areas and practices and the links between them when examining the results of monitoring. In the monitoring for 2022, only a part of these are taken into account, as indicated in the table below. The aim for monitoring in 2024 is to monitor all these aspects.

The monitoring model focuses on indicators that can be developed and used nationally.  In this way, it is possible to produce high-quality and balanced information about the Finnish research community. International indicators can be used for monitoring as they evolve and are able to enrich Finnish indicators.

In addition to the quantitative monitoring of the National Research Information Hub, a qualitative open science and research survey is carried out every two years. This applies especially to the monitoring of the development of services, policy documents, research assessment and culture of open scholarship.